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'02 Silverado

I'm selling this truck for a relative (the only owner).  Asking $9,999.  69,500 miles.  5 speed.  Loaded except no CD player.  The owner is an older gentleman who never made the switch from cassette to CD.  4.8 Liter Vortec V8.  It's been sitting for over a year, so I'm having it looked at by my mechanic.  I expect it to be ready to roll on Saturday, 10/2/10.  I drove it to Eau Claire from Janesville (180 miles or so) on Saturday and it ran and drove wonderfully.  The interior was just detailed by me.  Tires are in great shape (Good Year something or other...it's cold outside and I'm tired) with a brand-new matching spare.

The bad:  cigarette burns on the drivers seat (does not smell like smoke and didn't BEFORE the detailing), broken driver's side mirror, broken windshield (one crack roughly 3 inches from the bottom that runs the entire width; NOT a distraction while driving, but I'd replace it if I were buying it), broken driver's side rear quarter panel.  If I were in the market for a truck, none of these items would deter me.

My research shows $600 for parts (mirror, windshield, quarter panel) and $1,000 labor.  The bad items listed will not be fixed prior to sale.  Any issues discovered by the mechanic will either be corrected or disclosed and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

The asking price was determined by using the Dealer "Good Condition" Retail price as a starting point and subtracting the known deficiencies (The Bad).  I feel this approach is warranted because of the mechanical inspection which will be done and the painstaking detailing.  If not for the burns on the driver's seat, you'd swear it was a brand-new truck and attractive seat covers can be had for very little cost.

I have pictures of the damage.  PM me if you want pictures or have any other questions about the truck.

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