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Livid Leather

I just got an email from Asif @ Livid Leather out in CA. Has new styles of suits posted up. No, it's not a brand name, but they are custom-fitted, cowhide/buffalo combos with armor and come in right around $500. I've had one from them for one season so far, and, though it was about the nicest crash one could ever have with the softest possible landing, I did test my suit out and walked away free of any damage to my person. Worst that happened was the seams blew out where the suit dragged on the pavement...and that was only after a couple more rides post-crash where the stitches had worked themselves loose. After that it was a short, relatively inexpensive trip to Letha @ Fastitch and the suit is back in business. If you can't spare the scoots for a $1300 turbo skin, I wouldn't turn my nose up at these guys. Beats that angry nurse in the ER with the wire brush.

http://store.lividleather.com/sport-lea … ckets.html

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Re: Livid Leather

Very nice. If I didn't already have a brand new full set of leathers, I'd be all over this.

http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-4109844614 … 04_1831432

But I'll definitely save the link for the future.

Thank's Hind.


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