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rally end or beggining point

Hi I'm one of the owners of JimBob's pizza on melby st (old Holiday gas station. We have a large parking lot available for you to meet and seating inside. We would be willing to give you a discount on pizzas or subs if you wanted to hold a meeting at our place or just a place to stop at the end of the ride. Feel free to contact me at the store 715-836-0909 or by email and I'l give you a call

Thanks for considering us we are a your local pizza place and drive safe

Steven Wagner


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Re: rally end or beggining point

Hi Steven,

Thank you for your offer! I'll be sure to pass the word around about your establishment, and I'll work on getting the gang to finish up with a post-ride pizza one of these weekends.

Good luck with your endeavor!


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