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ZACHO'S MAR. 24,25,26, 2011 atv, motocycle open house

Cory Ruppelt ,Bruce Scherlin and ZACHO'S would like to invite the CHIPPEWA VALLY SPORTBIKE CLUB to attend our event as a club with your bikes weather permitting or as individual members with out bikes whatever works. We would give you some room and a table to try to promote your club and recruit new members .More information avalible soon.
     On a personal note it is a good feeling to see the club gaining strength and momentum and heading in the right direction .This club started almost twenty years ago and carries alot of great memories crazy stories,rides and heritage .Ride fast and take chances it works for me! Bruce and Cory out!!
More details on open house comming soon! :wheelie: :wheelie: :wheelie:


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