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Club Rides & Your Motorcycling Ability

Since riding season is upon us, I thought I'd try to tackle an issue that has been around for years, and will always be around to some extent, and is never directly addressed.

I hear comments from time to time that the club rides are extremely fast and the riders are "crazy".  It really is all a matter of perspective and experience.  Let me try to explain.

Motorcyling is like anything else in that practice makes, well, not perfect, but practice certainly makes you better.  Twenty years ago when I started riding sportbikes (yes, I'm old), I would have been blown away to see the way some people can ride if I would have shown up on a club ride.....and I wish I would have.  Where better to practice and learn than with people around me who have been doing what I love to do for much longer than me. 

Most, not all, but most of our members are male as well which means we have egos.  If Ben Spies showed up Sunday and I was FORCED to try to keep up with him, I WOULD crash.  No question in my mind.  Why?  Because he is a better rider than me.  It's that simple.  Even though I've been riding these backroads for years and have most of the twists and turns memorized, he'd be out of sight after turn 1.

My point is that we all have different experience levels and different equipment and there is no "shame" in not keeping up.  What fun would it be if you had nothing to aspire to?  If you weren't able to ride better in a year or 10 years than you can today? 

We will always wait for you at the next road change or stop sign.  I say this so that you know you do not have to "keep up", but can ride at a pace at which you are comfortable.

If you want a more experienced rider to watch you for a while and maybe try to give you a few tips to help you improve, just ask.  I know there are at least a half dozen of us that would thoroughly enjoy doing this.  If someone offers a suggestion, please don't be offended as they are not judging you.  They simply want to see you, a fellow motorcyclist, improve. 

Again, this hobby of ours takes a lot of skill and the only way to acquire these skills is knowledge and experience. 

As I stated earlier, this issue will most likely be around forever and I've wanted to discuss it before, but haven't for fear of sounding condescending.  There will always be somebody better, faster than me.  I set my ego aside and seek these people out to learn from them. 

Here's an entire group of riders with differing skill levels and tons of knowledge they're just waiting to pass on.  If you love this sport as much as I do, take advantage of the club members eagerness to share what they have learned.

My intent in writing this was to clear the air and to encourage riders of all skill levels to join us on our rides.  YOU WILL BE WELCOMED!!  You'll be doing what you love to do with a group of like-minded individuals.  What more can you ask?

If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride could do.


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Re: Club Rides & Your Motorcycling Ability

I will say this.  I started riding with the club last year.  I was somewhat of a noob, but i knew what i was looking to learn.  Although i never approached any of the "fast" guys,  I tried to follow them and watch what they were doing.  I don't know if i pissed any of them off, but like champ said, I learned a lot from them.  Please, if you are a new guy(or gal),  don't hesitate to ask any of us(not necessarily me) for pointers, opinions, and/or advice about anything about the sport.  we all have opinions and most of them can be valued.

p.s.  i am a little drunk and the club "fluffer".  so you can take this any way you want.  I am just here to have fun.

Houdini Finger.


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